Fighting Racism and Supporting Black Students

Support F&M's black students and the fight to end racism today

Now more than ever

As we come to the close of the fiscal year, I would like to take a moment to say "THANK YOU" to every member of the AAAC who has contributed to the cause of a better and more inclusive F&M via the Pioneer Fund over the past year.


In particular, the AAAC conducted a historic campaign to support F&M's inaugural Day of Giving in which the group was the first group to make goal. Your gifts went to support the Black Student Union, Financial Aid, Diversity & Inclusion and The Pioneer Fund.


We were on the path to a second straight record year in support of the Pioneer Fund when the Coronavirus struck our country.


The virus has caused disproportionate deaths and other negative impacts in the Black community. Many AAAC families have dealt with the loss of loved ones and are fighting the impacts of the virus daily. In addition, many of us have dealt with with the loss of a job or a furlough.


On top of Coronavirus, we have witnessed protests across the country surrounding systematic racism and police brutality. F&M Black alumni have been a part of local efforts to support their communities and shared information a variety of platforms.


Thus far, 2020 has been tough for us all.


Given your circumstances, we respectfully ask you to consider a year end gift of any amount if you can.


The College has established a dedicated page that would allow you to direct you contribution to any of the following categories:

  1. Black Student Union
  2. Black Cultural Center Renovation
  3. Other Issues of Importance to you

We know that the changing world will only cause our students’ needs to grow even greater.


Thank you again for your consideration and for all that you have done.


~Tony Ross '91, Chair, F&M African American Alumni Council


The Pioneers Club


In recognition of the 70th anniversary of the first black student’s admission to Franklin & Marshall, the African American Alumni Council (AAAC) invites you to join the Pioneers Club. Celebrating the legacy of these pioneering African American students through ongoing philanthropic investment in F&M’s community of color, the club provides means and inspiration for those who aspire to their courage and success.